Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook On Monday facebook announced the all new Marketplace, a new app that lets users buy and sell anything easy. Marketplace allows members of a community to discover, buy and sell items, noted Facebook Product Management Director Mary Ku.

Marketplace is coming this week in the US, Uk, Australia and New Zealand. Users will be able to access Marketplace by simply tapping a shopping icon at the bottom of the facebook mobile app. The opening facebook market place ad displays photos of items for sale by people who live in a user-defined geographic area.

Tapping an image will reveal more details about the item: product description, name and profile picture of seller, and location. Items can be saved for later reference.

If you’re interested in an item, you can let a seller know by sending a direct message via Marketplace. After that, you’re on your own. Facebook does not facilitate payment or delivery of Marketplace purchases.

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